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Marble Cottage have been one among the most reputed name in manufacturing of various Marble Handicrafts, Stone Handicrafts, Marble Inlay Crafts, Stone Inlay Crafts, Marble Inlay Table Tops and Marble Taj Mahal Replica. We are specialist to produce custom Corporate Gifts & Promotional items and currently supplying & Exporting Marble Handicrafts, Stone Handicrafts, Marble Inlay Crafts and Stone Inlay Crafts to many National and International Corporate companies , Indian Ministries, Government Showroom & Embassy. Our existence in the industry for since last 36 years has helped us to understand our Buyers requirement and serve them better. Known for its innovative designs and flawless finish, our range is in high demand by our importers spread across the globe. Some of our beguiling range comprises Gem stone Tiles & Slabs, Marble Animals Sculpture, Marble Handicrafts, Stone Handicrafts, Marble Inlay Crafts, Stone Inlay Crafts and figures, woolen Carpets, Marble inlay Plates & Photo frames, Flower Vases, Marble God Statues, Sand stone Garden Furniture like Benches, Statues, Fountain, Pot & Planter, Marble & Wooden Temple, Alabaster Animal Figures & Lamp, Buddha Statues, Wooden, Glass,soap stones articles, Brass and wooden  handicrafts products.

With the increasing global demand for our marble Inlay Dining table Tops, we strive to maintain high standards in our Marble Handicrafts, Stone Handicrafts, Marble Inlay Crafts and Stone Inlay Crafts and keep ourselves updated with the market trends. Moreover, with our ability to design our range in variety of designs, sizes, diverse patterns, color combination and others helps us in meeting the needs of the clients based not only in India but also in USA, Europe and Rest of The World.

Located in Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal,Marble Cottage has been providing high quality Indian Handicrafts to our patrons across the globe since 1974. It is a well-known and respected name among lovers of Indian arts all over the world.  It is our mission to spread original Indian art and craft to various places in the world. 

We offer finest hand crafted marble table tops, inlay plates, boxes, alabaster lamps, Taj Mahals,  statues, candleholders, ashtrays, coaster sets, brass items, elephants, camels, birds, tortoise and other animals, and other beautiful handicrafts.

We employ skilled and trained artisans who are able to bring to life your requirements.  Many of these craftsmen inherit the special skills of their forefathers who were employed in the creation of the Taj Mahal, the monument of love.  We have inhouse manufacturing capabilities to meet all your requirements.  All our products are handcrafted in order to ensure top quality!

The actual inlaying of these fine pieces of semi-precious stone in marble also involves great artistry and complete mastery of the art. After all, each 2-centimeter flower bud inlaid in marble may be comprised of 10 or even 50 stones.  Truly, the skill is as intricate as the art itself. No wonder, then, that the work itself speaks for the skills of the people behind it.

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The customer's most unusual idea can be translated into a piece that is unlike any other in the world. We create unique designs according to the order of beautiful floral, geometrical & other patterns.


 Marble Cottage use Semi-precious stones like Lapis lazuli, Malachite, Cornelian, Coral, Turquoise, Paua Shell, Jasper, Onyx, Agate etc., can be used for inlay.


Marble Cottage use Marble for inlay in four different types & color marble i.e. Macrana white, carrapa black, jade green and jasper yellow.

Chief Characters of Indian marble

1.It is stain-proof. Any kind of drink like highly acidic coca-cola, wine or       whisky, tea & coffee won't stain it. So it is quite functional.

2.White and pink marble is "Translucent", green and black are "Opaque".

3.It is "washable" with normal soap or detergent. Even it is inlaid, cleaning it is no problem.


Marble Cottage produce in their own manufacturing factory  like Table Tops,Dining Table,Plates,jewellery Boxes,Trays,Coaster-sets,Chess Boards,Backgammon Boards,Vasses,Wine cups,card/pen holders,photo frames,marble inlay medallion,tiles,inlaid floor,console table,kitchen counters,statues,animal figures,fire places,tombstones,name plate,custom design,calligraphy and corporate gifts.