About Us

Marble Cottage Established in 1974 by designer & artist Mohammad Mubin (descendant of Persians artists in Taj Mahal during 16th century) has been working with inlay for many years, between 1970 and 1974, he sought new materials and innovative ideas on a journey through India, and He investigated the relationship between material quality of art & local cultures.                                           

Marble cottage was Established 1974, as a manufacturing, trading, Supplying and an exporting  company dealing in fine marble inlay decorative objects of marble. It has been a major force behind the revival of the exquisite art of marble inlay which was once, on the verge of extinction.

Today with its team of 15 highly skilled craftsmen, Marble Cottage creates unrivalled objects in marble of great aesthetic beauty, which it sells through its exclusive showrooms and channel partners worldwide.

Marble Cottage,Agra (UP, India) based company, backed by the people with decades of experience. Company's principal activities are to Manufacture and Export Inlay Products which include White Marble Table Tops, Marble Inlay, Marble Jewellery Boxes, Marble Inlay Trays, Marble Inlay Coaster-sets, marble Inlay Corporate Gifts,Marble Lighten, marble Tiles, Marble Inlay Tiles, Marble Inlay Aroma Lamps, Marble Inlay Candle Holders, decorative Marble Inlay, Marble Inlay Table Top, Marble Inlay Flooring, Brass, marble Inlay Wall Panels, Marble Flower Vases,Pots, Marble Flower Pots, Marble Inlay White Elephant,Black Marble Elephant, Inlay Green Marble Elephant, Marble Inlay Photo Frame,Marble Inlay Chess Boards,Marble Inlay Medallion, marble Inlay Kitchen Counters,Marble Console Table,Figures, Marble Animal Figures, Marble Tomb-Stones,Marble Inlay Jewellery Boxes, Marble Temples,Marble Inlay Gifts, Marble Inlay Souvenirs, Marble Inlay White Table, Marble Inlay Black Table, Marble Inlay Granite Table in reasonable price,Embroidery Panel,Wall Handicrafts,Zardozi,Persian Art,Embroidery Art,Embroidery Crafts,Wall Hanging,Carpets And Rugs.

We are respectful to the environment. We never hurts environment while working. Our brand name is quality. we never make concessions over total quality.

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